Mighty John Marshal, "Mighty John, The Record Guy" was on today just after 8 - What a HOOT!  His top 10 list for January included the 1964 Beatles 45 (on Vee Jay) - "Ask Me Why/Anna" with the picture sleeve, radio station promo copy, is priced at $30,000.00! Check your attic, basement, under the bed - Your retirement awaits!  Check out his website, moneymusic.com

There is a GeoThermal Heating & Cooling convention at the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud, and TOMORROW EVENING from 6:30 to 9, you can actually tour the industry participants' displays, and find out how you can save some major dollars on heating and cooling your home. My guest - Jim Strandlund - heats AND cools his 4,500 square foot home for 5 to 6 hundred dollars PER YEAR. It is worth checking out.

Two Cent Tuesday airs tomorrow - and I'm wondering what devices and/or lifestyle products we think we absolutely need to live our lives, but really, DO WE? Cell phones come to mind...  We'll take your calls, starting at 8:10 tomorrow - 252 - 5852.

See you on the radio, and THANKS for listening!