ST. CLOUD - Do you ever just need someone to talk to when life gets you down? A new non-profit service in St. Cloud may be able to help.

Chatology is a phone line that anyone can use to get help with smaller, everyday problems or frustrations. When founder of Chatology Services, Angel Doring started the program she was searching for a way to help those that have non-crisis problems.

Doring has always had an interest in mental health and has a master's degree in clinical psychology. Doring says instead of trying to provide advice to a person they try to help the person find their own solutions to their problems.

Chatology Services is free but donations are encouraged.  The non-profit is hosting an upcoming fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings to help raise funds. If you go to Buffalo Wild Wings on a Wednesday in January or a Monday in February and say you are their to support Chatology Services, ten percent of your bill will be donated to the organization.

To talk about a problem with Chatology Services call 1 (567) 219-TLKS (8557) or visit their website