UNDATED - Central Minnesota companies have received state grants to help improve broadband access in greater Minnesota.

Palmer Wireless will receive over $179,000 for broadband improvements on Del Tone Road and at the St. Cloud Regional Airport. The goal is to increase business development opportunities in that area.

Palmer Wireless is also getting a nearly $91,000 grant for the Big Lake Industrial Park.

Albany Mutual Telephone Association will get a $726,000 grant to serve 242 homes in the Big Watab Lake area. The total cost for this project is $1.45 million, with a 50 percent local match.

And, the Benton Cooperative Telephone Company is getting a $276,000 grant to serve 130 homes, and 17 businesses, in Buckman and sections of Buckman and Morrill Townships in Morrison County.

The local grants are part of 42 total broadband infrastructure projects, with $34 million in state grant money.