ST. CLOUD -- With the excessive heat wave this weekend, many of us probably stayed indoors and lowered the thermostat.

However, many families around central Minnesota don't have that luxury and the high heat can cause a lot of problems.

Trina Dietz with Catholic Charities says with each day the demand for fans becomes greater.

Whenever there is a heatwave, our demand for fans spike. If you have some new or gently new fans you're not using anymore and wouldn't mind sharing those, that would be wonderful.

Dietz says their emergency shelters could also use items like backpacks, water bottles, and sports drinks to help families beat the heat during the summer months.

She says they even have a homeless youth outreach coordinator to help children stay cool this time of year.

We have someone who goes out and reaches out to homeless youth. So she needs the things she distributes. Sports drinks are a great example because it's not just the water you need to replenish, it's the electrolytes as well.

Dietz says often times we take the little things for granted. If you find yourself not using a certain item you can drop it off at their emergency service center.