ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud Cathedral High School students were able to do their classwork at home again for a virtual class day.

With school cancelled on Wednesday due to the extreme cold, Cathedral teachers posted their lesson plans online for students to access from home. During a virtual class day, teachers are also available to answer questions via email.

On a virtual day, teachers must post their lessons by 10:00 a.m. for students to access. Videos, assignments, quizzes or activities can all be posted online by teachers. Cathedral students have laptops that they take home, allowing them to do the classwork whenever school is cancelled.

Principal Lynn Grewing says the system has run smoothly and that it allows students to keep up with their lessons.

Cathedral High School has now had several virtual snow days. Grewing says parents, students and teachers have responded positively to the change.

One concern brought up by parents is students having too much screen time. Grewing says they're making adjustments during virtual days to reduce time spent by students on their laptops.

Last year, five days were lost to weather closings. The school says technology will never replace in-class leaning, but it allows students to minimize the lost class time and avoid having to make-up the days in the summer.