ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud Cathedral art club students are giving back by making 150 bowls Wednesday afternoon for an upcoming fundraiser.

Cathedral is hosting a "Bowls for Souls" event on March 20th. Cathedral High School art teacher Tony Keller says the bowls will be available for people to take home after the fundraiser.

"You get this bowl at the end and it symbolizes that there's someone hungry in the world. So they pay the money to get in and have a meal and then they get to choose a bowl of their liking."

About 35 to 40 junior high and high school students will take part in crafting the bowls on Wednesday. The art club has made bowls for the event in the past, but this is the first time they'll try to create 150 (The most they've made in the past was 50).

"It's going to be a combination of art club and classes creating these 150 bowls. We're going to have each student try to make 2-3 bowls if they can," Keller says.