Show Notes

WJON Morning Show Broadcasts Live From Spicer
The WJON Morning Show is broadcasting live from Zorbaz in Spicer this morning from 6-10. Join Jerry Carlson and I as they talk about the fishing industry, the tradition of the fishing opener and Governor's Fishing Opener and more.
Stump the Panel Podcast [AUDIO]
The Stump the Panel podcast is available once again. Learn who struck out the most in a World Series, who is the former WJON prank caller, who had a #1 song in 1985 from a popular film and more.
Access Your Genealogy [AUDIO]
National Geographic Kids editor Priyanka Lamichhane joined me on WJON today to talk about his new book "Guide to Genealogy". The book gives kids ideas as to how they can access their heritage in a number of ways.
Minnesota Author Gives Uplifting Message [AUDIO]
Minnesota author Bri Seeley joined me on WJON today to talk about her book "Permission to Leap: The Six Phase Journey to Bring Your Vision to Life". Seeley is a Northfield native. She talked about creating a vision for yourself and then working to do things to help carry that vision out.
Can you Name a Movie Theme Song?
WJON's Question of the Week is asking listeners to name a movie theme song or a memorable song from a movie. May the 4th be with you. Answer this question between 9:10-10am today by calling 320-252-5852,

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