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Don’t Forget those Summer Crappies
Don’t Forget those Summer Crappies
Summer is a busy time in the fishing world. There are many choices a person can make when it comes to targeting fish species. Although I do love to chase walleyes and bass in the warm season, I sometimes take a break from these fish and spend a day c…
Lifeguards in High Demand for St. Cloud This Summer
Many cities across Minnesota are dealing with a shortage of lifeguards, in part due to the growing economy and fewer younger workers looking for a summer job. St. Cloud Parks and Recreation Director Scott Zlotnik says lifeguards are in high demand for their wading pools, which open next month.
Early Spring Snow Geese and Maybe More
For those of us that are waterfowl junkies, we look for every opportunity to partake in our passion. For many, the spring snow goose migration is a way of extending the goose hunting forays into another season.
The snow goose migration typically brings geese northward once we reach the month of March…
Love Those Winter Panfish
When it comes to ice fishing, I am definitely someone that thrives on panfish. Crappies and sunnies have a way of keeping me entertained through the entire frozen water period.
Put a Little Spring in Your Bobber
It happens to me several times every winter. Someone that has not experienced the pleasures of modern ice fishing techniques asks me to take them panfish fishing. I gladly oblige.
Targeting Deep Basin Panfish
It was clear we had the lake to ourselves as we drove into the landing and looked out over the frozen landscape. This out-of-the-way body of water received little pressure during the winter months, especially midweek.
Handling the Occasional Bigger Fish
It was over a cup of coffee one morning that ice angling legend, Dave Genz and I got into a discussion about the occasional bigger fish that is caught while on a panfish outing. We both agreed that when a group of anglers get together for a day on the ice, someone in the group usually sticks an unex…
Enjoy the Pleasures of Early Ice
Without a doubt, the formation of the first ice generates a certain amount of excitement among anglers. For those that are diehard ice enthusiasts, this level of excitement can be quite substantial.

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