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Simple Tactics for More Doves
Mourning dove hunting is fairly new to Minnesota. It is not pursued by many hunters. I find it is an excellent way to sharpen the shooting eye in preparation for other wing shooting seasons.
Get Your Grouse This Year
Greg Jones from Midwest Outdoors shared his expertise on where to find ruffed grouse and woodcock during a recent visit to "In the Outdoors with Jerry Carlson" on AM 1240, WJON. Be ready to take some notes when you listen in on the conversation, because he also has some great cooking tips…
DNR – Minnesota Duck And Goose Numbers Improve
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the state's breeding duck and goose populations have improved from last year. The DNR's annual spring waterfowl surveys put the state's estimated breeding duck population at 687,000 compared with 531,000 last year.
Greater Minnesota Regional Parks Get More Legacy Amendment Money
Regional parks in greater Minnesota get a much bigger share of the Land and Legacy Amendment money over the next two years. The bill that allocates the money was passed by the State Legislature this week during the special session. Regional parks in outstate Minnesota will have about double the am…

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