Where to Sell Clothes You Don’t Wear
With the changing of the season comes the changing of the wardrobe. If you're cleaning out your closet and want to make some money in the process, here are a few ways to sell the clothes you're not wearing.
More Cheap Date Ideas
Last week, I gave you a few cheap date ideas and I had a few comments and you asked for more, so here are a few more cheap date ideas.
How to Unplug
We go on vacation to unwind, unplug and recharge our batteries, but studies show we have trouble disconnecting from things while we're supposed to be having fun, so here are a few ways to unplug while you're on vacation.
Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank
Glen and I agreed that after we got married, it was a good idea to still date. We worked hard to get to where we are, so we should work harder to stay where we are and remain close. Here are a few of my favorite date ideas that won’t break the bank.
Grocery Store Mistakes We Make
I hate going to the grocery store. It’s a thankless job and I usually spent more than I was planning on spending, but not anymore. Here are a few mistakes I was making at the grocery store and I’m here to help you not make these same mistakes.
Skills Every Woman Should Master
We know how to cook, clean, work, coach a soccer team, coordinate schedules and raise children all at the same time, but here are some other skills we women should master.
The Best Backpacks
Back to school time is here and with a new school year, many times comes a new backpack. Here are some of the best for grade schoolers, high schoolers and the college crowd.

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