Pamplona,Spain-Running Of The Bulls Gets Crazy [VIDEO]
With the population of a little over 198,000 people sits a quiet city in Northern Spain by the name of Pamplona. A fun place to visit and see the sites, and like most it is filled with history that dates back to 74 B.C.
Should you happen to make it there say around the 6th of July, one of the most fa…
Vikings Stadium Gets Pitched [AUDIO]
93% of people in the United States haven't been to a pro football game. That is less than one in 10!
Why should the Vikings stadium be built?!?!
Lester Bagley's arguement may (or may not) sway your thinking.
Stacks Of Wax = Piles Of Cash
Mighty John Marshall - "Mighty John, the Record Guy" - always is a great guest, and today was no exception. Listen in on the conversation, and you may find that you have THOUSANDS of dollars just sitting there!
Memorial Weekend Safety
John Hausladen is the president of the Minnesota Trucking Association, and has the best road safety information you can get, dirct from the professionals who take their office and home with them on the road every day.