Morning Newswatch with Jay Caldwell

U of M Professor Finds Farthest Star Ever Seen [AUDIO]
University of Minnesota Professor Patrick Kelly with the help of the Hubel telescope was able to see a star further away from the earth then any other star previously documented. Patrick explained the process they went through and how the finding of this star was purely by chance and not intended. …
Minnesota Ranks High in Financial Literacy [AUDIO]
Minnesota ranks 3rd in the nation according to's national study. Minnesota is 5th in Wallet Literacy, 8th in financial planning and habits and 8th in financial knowledge and education. Jill Gonzalez of joined me today on WJON to talk about this study and many more.…
National Library Week Next Week [AUDIO]
April 8-15 is National Library week and Karen Pundsack from the St. Cloud and Great River Regional Library joined me on WJON today. Karen talked about how libraries have changed and become more digital and how it can still be used as a great source for unbiased resource material.

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