SCSU Employee Arrested During Sting Operation
A St. Cloud State University employee was arrested in a prostitution sting on Wednesday night. Waite Park Police Cheif Dave Bentrud says 53-year-old Kevin Barnes was arrested for allegedly attempting to solicit an underage prostitute.
Police Cracking Down on Drivers Wearing Earbuds
Authorities are cracking down on drivers who wear headphones or earbuds while driving. Sergeant Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota State Patrol says it's illegal to drive while wearing headphones in both ears in Minnesota.
Two Arrested in Pipestone County Drug Bust
Two people were arrested during a drug bust in Pipestone on Thursday morning. The Pipestone County Sheriff's Office says Benjamin Walker and Jennifer Underwood were arrested by the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force.
Man Tased and Arrested While in Stearns County Court
A man was tased and arrested in Stearns County court on Monday after allegedly not listening to orders from court deputies. The Stearns County Sheriff's Office says 26-year-old Christopher Myrhe was making a court appearance on a 4th degree assault charge.

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