PAYNESVILLE - As Paynesville students enjoy the day off today (Wednesday), school officials are busy cleaning the high school and middle school.  That's after several students became ill on Monday night and again yesterday morning.

Becca Virden from Center Point Energy says they did find two malfunctioning appliances in the school, a kitchen stove and a water heater, but she says she say can't say with certainty if they were the cause of the problem.

Virden says Center Point Energy often gets called to consult on issues like this, because they have highly trained experts.

Paynesville Police Chief Paul Wegner says the investigation into the cause of the illnesses is ongoing.

Wegner says they can't say with 100 percent certainty they're the cause of the illnesses.

Wegner says his department is meeting with school officials today (Wednesday) to determine whether it will be safe to send the kids back to school tomorrow.

All of the kids who were taken to the hospital or clinic were treated and released yesterday (Tuesday).

School officials say carbon monoxide tests today (Wednesday) found levels in the building within the normal range.