Fidget Cube/Nick

Have you heard of The Fidget Cube? I think this is a great idea!he Developers of Fidget Cube don't feel that fidgeting is a bad trait. So they created a way for people to fidget in style, and not bother others. If your kids have trouble focusing and constantly have to tap their pen or pencil on the desk, tap their foot, just fidget around?  This is pretty ingenious! Take a look and see if you might want to get your fidgety friend a Fidget Cube.

Each side of the cube features a tiny distraction. It lets you fidget quietly without disturbing others, and help you focus and get your work done. The click side has 5 clickable buttons to push.  For the Gamer, the GLIDE side features a rotating Joystick. The FLIP side has a quiet switch that makes noise the faster you move it. Breathe functions like a worry stone to reduce anxiety. The roll side has gears to turn up and down. The SPIN side has a dial that glides in circles.

If you want one, it's available now on KICKSTARTER, and you can click here to link. It costs approximately $20.