SAUK RAPIDS -- You don't have to go a beach in California to see some elaborate sand sculptures.

A new exhibit at the Benton County Fair called Sand Scapes is busy creating a custom sand-sculpture.

Greg with Sand Scapes says they hauled in 35 tons of sand and has spent the past three days sculpting.

"I pitched a few ideas to the fair manager and he jumped on this one. This is an idea I have been playing with for a few months, haven't had a chance to do it and the fair manager gave me the opportunity."

The California based business has been traveling around the country building unique sand creations for almost 30 years.

He says he sculpts about 10 hours or more a day, and there is a certain way to get started.

"We get a bunch of lumber and build a form work. The sand is put in a form in eight inch layers and compacted with the construction compactor. Then your left with a very densely compacted block and you sculpt everything out of it."

All the sand comes from right here in Minnesota. If you want to see what the sculpture looks like for yourself you can find the project inside the Discovery Building.

The Benton County Fair runs through Sunday.