SARTELL - Like most cities in a tough economy, Sartell is facing an uncertain future.

That was a major topic of discussion, touched on Sartell Mayor Joe Perske during the "State of the City" address earlier today at Sartell City Hall.

Before a packed house of Sartell's Chamber of Commerce members, Perske described the most recent round of sharp cuts in state government funding, and explained how they've affected Sartell's budget.

He also cited the mass layoffs at Verso Paper as examples of the changing face of business in Sartell.

In spite of this, Perske says the rate at which houses are being bought, as well as built, has remained steady. Perske cited a "flagship" school district as one main reason for Sartell's steady growth.

Since the year 2000, Sartell's population has risen from about 9,000 to over 14,800.