BROWERVILLE -- Four Browerville men were arrested and had their guns, knives and a vehicle seized after they were caught illegally shining and shooting deer.

A DNR Conservation Officer got a call last Saturday about shots fired and possible trespassing. The officer tried make a traffic stop on the suspect's vehicle when the driver took off, leading the officer and off-duty Becker County deputy on a chase.

When the vehicle stopped, a passenger fled. He was caught after a foot chase. Three others were detained.

Authorities then found three deer at a Browerville home. One deer was illegally taken by shining, another was shot after shooting hours and the third was shot legally, but none had proper tags and all were confiscated.

Officers also seized three rifles, three knives, a spotlight and a vehicle.

29-year-old Carl Moench, 22-year-old Trevor Krinkie, 19-year-old Cory Uselmann and 18-year-old Branden Biksen were arrested and face several charges including fleeing, illegally shining deer and transporting a loaded gun in a vehicle.