BRAINERD - Tiny houses are an increasingly popular trend, and soon you may start seeing some pop up in Brainerd.

This week the Brainerd city council approved a change to their city ordinance to allow houses as small as 500 square feet.  The previous minimum size for a home in Brainerd was 750 square feet.

The smaller homes will only be allowed on lots that are 7,000 square feet or less, which are oddly shaped or too small for a traditional house.  City Administrator Patrick Wussow says they have about 465 of these lots available.

Fans of tiny houses say they like them because they're less expensive, more energy-efficient, and some are on wheels so they can be easily moved.

By the way, if  you're wondering about building a tiny house in St. Cloud. St. Cloud's city ordinance says all homes must be at least 630 square feet, and it has to be placed on a permanent foundation.