January 18, 1943 - October 28, 2017


Beverley was born in the town of Amityville on Long Island, NY on January 18, 1943 to Hans Bernard Ahlsen and Lillian Mae (Von Essen).

Beverley was introduced to violin in 4th grade in Hicksville Public Schools. She developed a strong interest in music and decided to become a music teacher. She taught orchestra and strings from 1969-2001 in District 742, St Cloud. Prior to that she taught in Valley Stream. NY and Toluene, IL.

In 1958, Beverly earned her Master’s at the University of Illinois. Beverley was briefly married to Melvin Dean Williams and decided to keep the name Williams upon their divorce. Besides a strong interest in music, Beverley enjoyed politics, feminist issues, and loved to travel.

Beverley married Steven Eckblad in 1975: their daughter Lied Ahlsen Eckblad was born in 1976. Lied is a musician, nurse and Suzuki mom.

In the 1970’s Beverley cofounded the Saint Cloud Suzuki Studio with Nedra Layne and Steven Eckblad. They enjoyed many wonderful years of working together. Beverley taught orchestra music for 31 years in District 742.

In Saint Cloud, Beverley has been an active musician, playing in the St Cloud Symphony, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, the Verve Quartet and Bethlehem Chamber Orchestra. She founded the Mississippi Strings Camp in 2006. After retirement, in 2001, she was persuaded to return to teaching one day per week at Clearview Elementary School and enjoyed doing that for five years.

Beverley is survived by her husband, Steven Mark Eckblad, of St Cloud; her daughter, Lied Ahlsen Eckblad Metcalf (Stuart) of Paris, IL; and her grandchildren Ari Ahlsen Metcalf, and Calhoun Robertson Metcalf, Paris IL. She is also survived by her sisters, Susan (Wayne) Letizia, Jacksonville, FL, Barbara (Jeff) McConnell, Deland, FL, brother in law Edward Ahlsen Girard of Fort Walton Beach, FL, and nieces and nephews, Cara, Cameron, and Christian Ahlsen Girard, Deborah Inman, Angela Letizia, and Brenna Dorstein. She was preceded in death by her parents, and sisters Grace Ahlsen Girard and Esther Ahlsen.

Memorial preferences: Eckblad-Williams Community Fund or Minnesota Public Radio.