UNDATED - Every year, thousands of people are taken for a ride by unethical door-to-door salespeople, and the Better Business Bureau has strategies for handling them.

The BBB reports the most common consumer complaints have to do with door-to-door solicitors peddling things like magazines, poor cosmetics and even low-quality meat.

The agency says they heard from a thousand people last year regarding magazine salespeople alone, saying they bought a subscription but then never received it. They warn - these types of salespeople are typically only trying to make fast cash, and might try to bully you into buying any way they can.

With this in mind, the Better Business Bureau offers these tips on dealing with them.

  • Ask for ID at the door
  • Never let the person into your house
  • Be on alert for high-pressure sales tactics. A good seller will let you take your time
  • If you do buy something, make sure you get everything in writing
  • Get the name of the company and research it if you feel uneasy
  • Remember the 3-day "cooling off rule" - federal law says you have three days to cancel some purchases over $25 if they're made in your home.

And, if you've already been a victim of a scamming salesperson, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau -  or talk with law enforcement.