The Better Business Bureau is reminding you to be wary of asphalt scams that are making their way across the state.

The scam often involves someone posing for an asphalt firm going door to door claiming they have extra supplies from a nearby project. They will often claim they can do the work at a discounted rate. However, the quality of the work is often poor and can sometimes be double or many times the quoted price.

The BBB has received reports of the sceme in the Twin Cities and Rochester areas. In both cases, contracts weren't provided before the work was done and all agreements were verbal.

Less than reputable firms often travel in unmarked trucks or ones that have out-of-state license plates. Research reveals that they usually don't have a permanent address and phone numbers that they give out are not answered.

To avoid asphalt scams, be sure to research the company first. The BBB says you should also ask the sales person if they have a solicitor's license for the city they do business in.

You should also insist on a contract specifying the work to be performed and the agreed total price. Then get at least two more estimates before hiring a contractor. Never hire someone on the spot.

Last summer, Benton County reported the scam in the area.