CLEAR LAKE -- Berry farms across the state are hitting the peak of blueberry season.

July is blueberry month and Grayson's Berrlyand Co-owner Paul Gray says now is the time to pick them.

"You want to get them picked when they are full of flavor and before the birds get to them," says Gray.

Gray says the wet spring delayed the growing process because the bees were not able to pollinate the fruit.

"There is a week to ten day window that we need the bees to be out doing their work, and if it's cold and wet they're not doing their job," says Gray.

Grayson's Berryland allows you to come out and pick your own berries, much like many farms around the state.

Other berry farms near the St. Cloud area include:
- Svihel Vegetable Farm in Foley
- Berry Ridge Farm in Alexandria
- Brambling Rows Berry Farm in Brainerd
- Rogers Berries in Brainerd
- Blue Acres in Clearwater
- Blueberry Summer Farm in St. Cloud

Gray says you want to find the dark blue ones to pick as they have the most flavor.

"The darker the blue the better, they have lots of flavor and depending on your taste buds they may be sweet or tart, but the bottom line is they have flavor," says Gray.

The trick to picking a blueberry is to roll the fruit between your fingers allowing it to come off of the branch.

Gray says blueberries are one of the toughest fruits, because they don't fall off the bush as easy as raspberries would.

Grayson's Berryland is open every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday starting at 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.


Blueberry season is in full swing across the state. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)