BENTON COUNTY - The Benton County Sheriff's Office is warning you to keep a look-out for a recent asphalt contracting scam in the area.

The Sheriff's Office has recently learned of a group of temporary asphalt contractors in the area.

A rural Foley resident called the office on Thursday claiming they were contacted last week by a group of men claiming they were in the area after completing an asphalt sealing job at the local Chevrolet dealership.

It was later found that the men didn't perform any work at the dealership building. The men claimed they had leftover sealant product they wanted to use and offered to seal the driveway at a reduced price.

After the men sealed the driveway, they demanded cash but eventually settled on a check. The resident later found that the price he payed was 5 to 6 times what a local contractor would charge for the same work.

Residents are urged to be careful when dealing with contractors offering what they claim to be a good deal on their services. Usually the contractors are overcharging or are using poor products that may look nice at first but don't last.

Residents should also be cautious if contractors are overly aggressive, claim to be in the area with extra product to use or those who discourage you from seeking other quotes or prices.