SAUK RAPIDS -- For the Kaschmitter family, being involved in 4-H is a special tradition passed down through generations.

Colby, Sara, and Ben Kaschmitter have been showing pigs since elementary school. Sara says it's fun to keep the tradition alive their parents and grandparents started.

"My dad was involved in 4-H for a long time and even my grandma is part of the fair board so they really influenced us to get into it," says Sara Kaschmitter.

The family runs a pig farm and felt it was only natural to showcase pigs year after year at the Benton County Fair.

Their mom, Brenda Kaschmitter, says it's been fun watching them grow in the program over the years.

"You know the first years it was just kind of us (her and her husband) doing all of the work and now I don't have to spend much time year cause they can handle it," says Brenda Kaschmitter.

Ben says he enjoys showing off pigs, but adds he also tries his hand in showing chickens too.

"A few years ago I got into selling chicken eggs and I decided why not show chickens too," says Ben Kaschmitter.

Colby has been showing pigs since third grade. He says he has learned a lot from his family about raising and showing pigs over the years.

"Things like how to handle the pigs better, also just more about pigs in general," says Colby Kaschmitter.

"You're friends that live in the city have never seen pigs and they see yours and it's kind of cool to talk all about it," says Sara.

But while the fair draws to an end this year, you can rest assure the Kaschmitter family will be back again showcasing pigs next year.


Ben, Sara, and Colby Kaschmitter talk about the continued tradition of 4-H shows at the Benton County Fair. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)