SARTELL -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we answer your childhood curiosity of what's behind the milk aisle of your local grocery store.

For many children, curiosity gets the better of them when they walk down certain aisles of a grocery store.

Sartell Coborns Store Director Ryan Rothwell says while there is no one back there handing you your carton of milk, a lot is still happening.

"We have our receiving area, which is where all our product comes off the truck and then put into a large freezer or storage area," says Rothwell

Once the items come off the truck they are put into their proper place.

"Nabisco and Keebler have their own spot, Pepsi and Coke have their own spot and then the rest is organized by aisle," says Rothwell.

Rothwell says even the freezers are organized from advertised items, meat and seafood and of course the secret behind the milk aisle.

"So the milk comes off the truck on cart and as the milk gets low you pull one out and push another one in, so from the customers standpoint when ever they go there it's always full and right to the front," says Rothwell.

Along with multiple freezer and storage space the backroom also houses their delivery service.

"We have our shoppers who goes and hand picks everything on your order, bags it into boxes and then the drivers pickup those boxes and delivers the groceries at the time you want them," says Rothwell.

Rothwell says every item has it's proper place so even if you're new to the team you can find what you need quickly.

Store Director Ryan Rothwell shows up how they change out the milk. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)