ST. CLOUD -- This week in our “Behind the Scenes” series, we stop and smell the flowers at Munsinger Clemens Gardens.

Each morning begins the same for garden supervisor Nia Primus and the staff at

Musinger Clemens Gardens.

With a daily walk through and list of chores needed done for each garden.

"We have the rose garden, rest area garden, formal garden, white garden, perennial garden and treillage garden. Then Munsinger gardens is down below," says Primus.

Throughout the day the staff trim, cut, water and plant and maintain thousands of flowers.

"We have 100,000 annuals, and then another 10,000 is perennials, roses and miscellaneous things," says Primus.

And once planted the design beings to take shape.

"After you plant things now you want them to grow," says Primus. "You can't wait for it to fill out and get that look you've had in your mind all weekend long."

The garden covers 21 acres and Primus says she couldn't maintain it without the help of her staff.

"I depend on them to help me with plant support, and I make sure everyone gets what they need to accomplish their goals for the day," says Primus.

Primus says it's an honor to work at a place so many people visit, and talk about when they travel to St. Cloud.

"Everyone loves it, and they always talk about how it rates to the other top rated gardens in the world," says Primus.

The gardens are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. year round and is free to the public.


Flowers are in full bloom at Munsinger Clemens Garden. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)