ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Behind The Scenes" series on WJON, we take you to the St. Cloud Hospital Emergency Room.

When a call comes in that an ambulance is in route to the ER, staff back at the hospital are tracking their arrival.

The ER consists of 38 different rooms. Once you're at the hospital, the

severity of your injury determines which wing you go in.

"If we have a room available we will get them in right away, otherwise we do have to bring them to the front desk and they go through the triage process," says Becky Puzel.

Becky Puzel has been a nurse in the ER for five years. She says in more serious cases patients will go directly to trauma rooms where a full examination is given.

"So you have to hit key points, such as breathing, do they have a pulse, do they have injuries, and we have a recorder that sits and records everything," says Puzel.

The hospital has three trauma rooms -- one for cardiac patients, pediatric patients and trauma one patients -- which are monitored by color on a computer screen.

"So if they are peach color we know they are going to be admitted, if they are red we know they are going home," says Puzel.

Puzel says she has seen her share of trauma patients over the years, but they don't happen as often as we think.

"While we sometimes anticipate a trauma case, the reality is they don't happen that much," says Puzel.

Each day can bring something new to the ER, and Puzel says they are always ready in case of an emergency.


Becky Puzel explains what happens inside of the trauma rooms (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)