ST. CLOUD -- The movie industry has continued to grow from back in the days of film strips. Marcus Theatres has come along way from being a drive-in theatre, an 8 cinema complex, to having as many as 17 screens today.

Just a few years ago, movies use to run on 35 millimeter film through a projector.

Cole McDonald is the assistant manager at the theatre. He says during big premiers (such as Harry Potter and Batman) having multiple screens play at one time was a challenge.

"When we were playing those types of movies, we used a pulley system that went from one project to another, to a take up platter on the other end of the building," says McDonald.

To add trailers to each movie, film strips needed to be cut by hand.

"You would line up the edge of your frame and then cut, then tape it together and stamp it on both sides," says McDonald.

Marcus Theatre's has since upgraded from film to digital. McDonald says loading movies have been easier since computer programming.

"When the trailer pack is done, the house lights will come down and when the credits start to run the lights come to mid, and when it's done the audio will switch back to the beginning for the next show," says McDonald.

Marcus Theatres continues to add to the movie experience. McDonald says because most movies come in 3D the theatre has looked into adding two more screens that can play those types of movies.


Marcus Theatre employees ready to help you with your movie experience. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)