ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we landscape the many greens and fairways at the St. Cloud Country Club.

When Gary Deters steps out of the golf course his first thought is to make sure the golf course is ready for the day's members.

"This is great, this is my office I love being out here," says Deters.

Which is why Deters and the rest of the "turf department" at the St. Cloud Country Club strive for perfection.

"We want to get out here as much as golfers do. We wanna get the golf course open and it just takes time," says Deters.

He says times is something the crew doesn't waste, which is why they begin every morning at sunrise.

"We have 20 acres of fairway, about two acres of tee-boxes we need to mow, three acres of greens and about 90 plus acres of rough," says Deters.

From mowing greens, raking sand traps and fixing divots their job can be tedious. But if one hole is out of place they hear about it.

"If we put the hole on the green in the wrong spot we can really make some golfers mad. So our guys are trained to take care and make sure it's a fair pin," says Deters.

Deters and the 14 other members of the department love their job, however Mother Nature can sometimes make them feel otherwise.

"We spend a lot of time cleaning up debris, our greens get covered if we have a bad storm," says Deters.

Yet they don't let that stop them from striving for perfection and as they say they do what ever it takes.

Members of the "Turf Department" at the St. Cloud Country Club prepare for your arrival. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)