ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Behind the Scenes" series on WJON, we take on the endless battle of fighting mosquito's with the help of the Mosquito Squad.

There are days when sitting outside on a summer night doesn't end the way you want as your busy swatting the thousands of mosquito's buzzing by.

Ryan Fisher knows how annoying they can be and the dangers they can carry.

"It seems like every year there is another mosquito or tick born illness that is continuously on the rise," says Fisher.

Fisher is the President of the St. Cloud Mosquito Squad and his staff have been spending the summer months attacking thousands of pesky insects.

"We come out to everyone's property who calls us and treat it every twenty-one days, which eliminates the ticks on contact and the residual lasts twenty-one days," says Fisher.

When they spray your yard they put on a few different chemical layers, based on your needs.

"One is a natural chemical spray which masks the scent of humans and keeps the mosquito's from wanting to come into the yard. Then the normal chemical part is where we spray the trees, leaves and scrubs which will kill them when they land on them," says Fisher.

Spraying takes about 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your yard and Fisher says they guarantee you will see a difference.

"We can eliminate 80 to 90 percent of your mosquito's, you may see one or two, but you are not wiping them off at 1:00 p.m. when you're out gardening," says Fisher.

The product takes about 30 minutes to dry and is pet and kid friendly.

As for those of you who are worried about the product they are spraying, Fisher says it's not as harmful as what you could get from a mosquito bite.

"You know the little product we are putting down is nothing compared to what you can get from Lyme's disease from a mosquito bite," says Fisher.

Each of their four trucks sprays about 7 to 20 yards a day and if the mosquito's are still a problem after, the team will come back and spray again.

"If you're out on your porch and the first week you're getting eaten alive they can call me up and we will come out and retreat it for them no charge," says Fisher.

So the next time the mosquito's are biting you, you know who to call -- The Mosquito Squad.


Crews of the Mosquito Squad spray a home to get rid of the annoying pests. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)