MINNEAPOLIS -- The worldwide entertainment phenomenon, The Blue Man Group, hits the stage this weekend at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.

Millions are amazed each year by the drum/dance/comedy show the blue-faced trio puts on, but not many see what's behind the paint.

Ethan Golub and Steven Wendt have been touring as part of The Blue Man Group for much of the past four years. Both have a passion for music and backgrounds as improvisational actors, making them a perfect fit for the group.

"It's one of those stories that you kind of wonder how we fell into this," Golub says. "I went to school for music and then I was an actor in Los Angeles and this was a great fit for those two [skills] to come together."

"We just had to practice and practice and practice and just learn," Wendt says.

As performers, Golub and Wendt say the most important role may belong to the audience.

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Man Group

"With this show, what I love so much is that we get to interact with the audience -- there's no 'fourth wall'," Golub says. "So there's this weird [dynamic] where as the show goes on, we can see them learning and they can see us learning."

"By the end, it's just a huge party -- if we've done our jobs."

Golub and Wendt are beginning a six-month tour and say feeding off the energy of the crowd is vital to put on a good show.

"There are a couple weeks where we do three cities in one week," Wendt says. "But we receive a lot of energy from the audience, it's amazing."

"It's really unlike any show -- you're bound to have a wonderful time when you come see The Blue Man Group and it's even better if you no nothing about [us]."

L: Steven Wendt, R: Ethan Golub. (Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON)