AVON -- Avon City Beach on Middle Spunk Lake will get a facelift this summer.

The city of Avon has been working with local businesses, organizations and townships to raise $66,000 to fix up the popular public beach.  They are still a few thousand dollars away from reaching their goal.

Stearns County Parks Director Chuck Wocken says the retaining wall at the beach is crumbling and will need to be replaced.  he also says new bathrooms are needed for the popular park.

The Stearns County board today approved a plan to use some Parkland Dedication Funds collected by townships on new plats. Three townships in the Avon area approved sending their Parkland dollars to the project because of its regional nature.

Work is expected to start in late July or early August and last about two weeks.

Townsquare Media is partnering with the city of Avon and Shasta Pop to help raise money for the project too. There will be live Shasta Pop promotions at the beach over 12 weeks this summer.