MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Authorities have removed an urn from a Minneapolis cemetery as they investigate allegations a woman faked her husband's death to collect $2 million in insurance money.

Irina Vorotinov of Plymouth placed the urn at Lakewood Memorial Mausoleum in 2011, supposedly holding her husband's ashes.

However, the FBI contends a forensic inspection of the ashes will prove her husband, Igor Vorotinov, did not die that October in Moldova, in eastern Europe.

An FBI spokesman told reporters the urn's contents were inspected soon after the search warrant application was filed in mid-May.

The couple is charged in federal court with mail fraud. Their 25-year-old son, Alkon Vorotinov, is accused of helping his mother conceal the plot.

Both mother and son said Tuesday they were unaware the urn was removed.