ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud gamer's home was raided Wednesday by armed officers after a prank phone caller claimed to police claimed that his roommate had been shot and that a suspect was holding him at gunpoint at the home.

It's called "swatting" -- hackers that report a bogus emergency, hoping a SWAT team will show up at the unsuspecting victim's house.

27-year-old Joshua Peters, who served in Kuwait says 10 armed officers stormed his house while he was live-streaming.

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson says it's been difficult to track down the alleged "hackers."

Peters told the 60,000 viewers who were watching the stream on the gaming website Twitch when ten officers raided his home that police held his brothers at gunpoint.

"They could have died because you choose to SWAT," says Peters.

Anderson says this is a scary situation for someone and the investigation has been turned over to the FBI.

"Swatting" first surfaced around 2011, as streaming video games became increasingly popular.

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