MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- A professor at Augsburg University in Minnesota has been told to report back to immigration authorities next month and begin making plans for his deportation to Kenya.

Professor Mzenga Wanyama was asked to meet with Immigration and Customs
Enforcement officials Friday to discuss a ``plan for removal.'' His supporters were concerned that he'd be deported immediately.

After the meeting, Wanyama told supporters he was told to make ``concrete plans
for departure'' but now his attorneys have time to explore options, Minnesota Public Radio News reports.

Wanyama teaches English, literature and African-American literary history. He came to the U.S. on a student visa in 1992 and was denied asylum after it expired.

Augsburg University President Paul Pribbenow expressed support for Wanyama and
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says he'll fight Wanyama's deportation.