ST. CLOUD -- Rain, snow, sleet, and wind are expected to make for difficult driving conditions as the first winter storm takes aim at Minnesota. It's a reminder to brush up on those winter driving skills and change our driving habits.

Larry Nadeau is the Director of the Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center in St. Cloud. He says as roads become slippery it's important that we increase our following and stopping distance.

Nadeau also says we need to be looking ahead for potential hazards.  Instead of looking directly in front of your car, be scanning a block or two ahead for potential hazards.  He says that goes for highway driving too.  We should be scanning a quarter-of-a-mile ahead to look for brake lights, vehicles in the ditch, or along the roadside.  It allows you to slow down and travel through the area safely.

If you find yourself in a skid, Nadeau says get your feet off the pedals, stay calm, and try to point your car to safety by steering in the direction you want the car to go.