ST. CLOUD - A group of artists have brought St. Cloud area destinations to life in a unique way, through coloring postcards.

DB Searles Coloring Postcard (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

Ellen Nelson is the gallery manager at the Paramount Theatre, she says the idea was brought to life after noticing the recent popularity of "adult coloring books".

"I went to the bookstore and I found these postcards and we've had a great demand at the Paramount for people who want to buy postcards of the area when they come in and there just didn't seem to be any."

The decision was made to create coloring postcards while promoting local artists. Six artists enthusiastically agreed to create the cards: Dan Modloch, Jim Poff, Barbara Rogan, Flora Shinkle, Lou Tollefson and Elly Van Diest. Every artist was able to create cards about their favorite spots in the area-anything from the Mississippi River to the St. Cloud Library.

"Something that most people if they're thinking the St. Cloud area, they would recognize that as being important and it also had to match an interest of the artist," Poff says.

13 cards were created-featuring anything from the Paramount Theatre to St. Cloud Library. Each artist says it’s an honor to create something that will allow others to be creative.

"I think people that like the place or have been there, they will see this and it will bring back memories for them or instances when they've had a nice experience there," Van Diest says.

A pack of all 13 cards are for sale at the Paramount Theatre gift shop and gallery for $10.

"We're doing two things at once with this, we can promote our artists and St. Cloud at the same time," Nelson says.

Dan DeBaun, WJON