ST. CLOUD -- Students go to college with hopes of bettering their future and landing a job following graduation. Local companies in St. Cloud are looking to help make that concept a reality.

Microbiologics and the St. Cloud VA Healthcare Systems are two examples of organizations looking to keep the talent in the area.

Local college and universities are teaming up with businesses to provide a quality work force.  Officials at the St. Cloud Technical and Community College say they "exist to meet the needs of students and employers in the area."

Microbiologics Chief Executive Officer, Brad Goskowicz says schools are identifying the right candidate when they look to hire.

Internships are becoming a must for students looking to add to their resume. They offer a chance for students to get real world experience, while providing an employer with a brief trial period to see if that person is the right fit.

These programs are a win-win for everyone involved says VA Human Resource Officer,  Lisa Rosendahl.

The experience can be the break students are looking for. In 2012, Rosendahl says they hired 6 of the 9 interns working for the VA.

Sometimes the hardest part for job-seekers is finding the open positions. As technology continues to expand, new job search websites are popping up.

In order to better assist students, local schools are offering their own websites that help current and former students connect with employers.

The City of St. Cloud is working on the creation of a talent portal that links industries, potential employees and schools together in one location.

The new portal will serve multiple purposes, says Kathy Gaalswyk who is the president of the Initiative Foundation.

This report is part one of a three part series, that examines hiring in the St. Cloud metro area.