UNDATED - DNA can be used to solve all sorts of crimes these days, and now it's even being utilized to track down dogs and their offending owners who leave behind unwanted waste.

Seth Pasch is with the company No Vacancy PooPrints.  It's based out of Minneapolis, but they have three or four apartment units in St. Cloud that are using the service.

Pasch says the first step is to get a DNA sample of each dog that lives in the building.  They do that by getting a saliva sample from the dog, then shipping it down to the Bio Pet Lab in Tennessee.

Pasch says then for example, six months down the road the property owner finds a waste sample on the property, they're able to send in the evidence for further analysis.

Pasch says citations are up to the individual property owners, which can range from fines to eviction notices for the dog. Poo Prints has been up and running for about 2 1/2 months now.