If you KNOW you've found the love of your life...You are planning on getting married, and there is NO WAY you'll ever even think about getting divorced, I found some money to pay for your wedding! A company called SwanLuv.com, is going to start giving out loans for weddings up to $10,000.


Here's the catch.  The company is  going to start giving out loans in March of 2016. The only way you have to pay back the loan is if you get divorced.  If that happens, then you owe them the money...plus interest.

The CEO of SwanLuv says they ran the numbers, and they CAN be profitable with this model.  They say it comes back to statistics, and they have just the right odds. It sort of reminds me of "Indecent Proposal"....People will always be worrying that they are going to have to pay back the loan, so it will probably happen!

IF you are feeling lucky...you can pre register at SwanLuv.com....and you could get a loan in March of 2016.

You can click HERE, and find out all the details. Remember to send us a note if you decide to run with it, and we'd love to share your story.