ST. PAUL (AP) - Federal authorities have confirmed another infection in Minnesota of a deadly bird flu strain.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday the latest farm hit by the H5N2 virus had 23,000 turkeys in Kandiyohi County of west-central Minnesota. It's the sixth detection so far in Kandiyohi, the top turkey producing county in Minnesota. The USDA says the birds on a seventh farm in Kandiyohi County with 9,000 turkeys will be also killed because of exposure to the other flock.

Twenty-eight Minnesota farms have now been affected by the outbreaks.

The USDA also confirmed that a backyard flock of 33 mixed birds in Juneau County of Wisconsin where bird flu was detected last week was affected by the same H5N2 virus that has hit other poultry farms across the Midwest.