Everyone has those friends on Facebook that are in love...in like..and share their feelings with the world. This doesn't really bother me all that much. I mean seriously...If you're THAT happy, that's something worth cheering about.

According to a new study, I'm right!  The study found that people who constantly post about each other on Facebook, are typically much happier than the couples who don't. The science behind it?  Making your relationship PUBLIC makes it more solid.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison found that couples whose relationship status was listed as, "In a relationship," and posted lots of photos of each other  on Facebook, were more likely to stay together than couples that didn't.

It's sort of like tricking your brain that you are in a great relationship. The quote: "These publicly posted cues likely induced participants to perceive themselves as part of a romantic relationship,  thus cementing the relationship."

In other words: When you put it in writing and tell it to the world, it makes you believe in it and stick with it.