ST. CLOUD -- About 9 million people are at risk of a life threatening reaction to an insect sting.

As you spend the last few weeks of summer outdoors, it's a good reminder to be cautious if you're allergic.

Dr. Stephen Leslie is an Allergist at CentraCare Health. He says when people are stung they suffer from a systemic reaction such as a rash.

An allergic reaction is an "overreaction" by your body to something that is normally harmless.

He says honey bees are the worst insect to get stung by.

An average of 40 people die each year from an allergic reaction to an insect sting.

A Melrose family recently lost their daughter (who lived in Virginia) to a brain aneurysm following an allergic reaction from a wasp sting.

Leslie says if you know you are allergic, it's important to carry an EpiPen.

Most stinging insects only attack people when they feel like they are in danger.

Leslie says if you have experienced an allergic reaction from insect stings you should contact your local allergist.