SAUK RAPIDS - The 102nd Benton County Fair is underway. You can still find great food, farm animals, and all your fair favorites this year, but this year you're also going to find something new.

A megatron big screen will be playing films all week to educate the public about agriculture and farm animals.

Benton County Fair Secretary Laura Folconer says the films fit right in with the fair's misssion.

That's what the fair is based on, agriculture. That is what our mission is. Is to help people realize, or know how much agriculture plays a part in our life. Where their food comes, how their food is manufactured, taken off the farm. 

Everybody needs to know about it because we all need the farmers, we need what they do in order to survive.

Folconer says it is now more important then ever to learn about farms and agriculture. She hopes that everyone is able to learn something new at this years fair.

Falconer says, "This is just one more way that we maybe could attract some attention that we wouldn't, where as they won't walk and look at the tractors but they would sit and watch something on the big screen."