FREEPORT - Energetic, outgoing, and loves helping people; This is how this week’s All-Star Student is described, and he was recently rewarded for his acts of kindness. Ethan Zink is a second grader at Sacred Heart School in Freeport. His mom, Christie Zink, ran in the Time to Fly 5K raising money to be put towards research

Ethan running with his mom Christie during the 2014 Time to Fly 5K. (Photo Courtesy: Christie Zink)

for Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB.

"My mom started running, and then I wanted to run with her to so then I ran in a 5K," says Ethan.

Christie was elated when Ethan wanted to participate.

She says, "He’s like I really want to run the 5K with you, and I said you do. I said you know it’s a lot of work, and he said but I really want to do it, I want to help other kids. My heart just melted because he was able to see some of the same things that I saw, and it touched him the same way."

I saw that she was able to help kids, and I thought I would make a difference to.

As Ethan began raising money before the race he had a goal of $1,000. He and his mom made a video, which they shared on social media sites, and cards to send out to family and friends. Christie says they sent about 250 letters.

"Pretty much anywhere that we went he would tell people what he was doing," says Christie.

Ethan quickly reached his goal of $1,000, and decided he could raise more money.

Christie says, "He raised almost $14,000 dollars. He was actually the top fundraiser for the entire event, so that was pretty exciting in itself."

It was Ethan’s work with raising money for EB research that led to him being nominated for the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award.

I kind of wanted to cry because as a mom, as a parent, I think most of us really want our kids to grow up to be compassionate, loving human beings. I have always thought that Ethan has had a beautiful heart, and so the fact that he was recognized in this way, I was kind of dumbfounded. It made me feel overwhelmed with joy that he is doing something so meaningful. - Christie Zink 

Ethan Zink with the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Medalist Award. (Photo Courtesy: Christie Zink)

Ethan and his mom would travel to Newtown Connecticut where Ethan would become a medalist of the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award.

"When I got there, and I got my award I felt pretty good," says Ethan.

Ethan’s second grade teacher, Kristie Harren, was proud of her student.

She says, "He sees this larger picture out in the world of people that need help. He wants to do all he can to help those people out. It’s amazing to see that, and to have that spirit in my classroom is awesome. To see the other kids, and watch them thrive off that has been fun."

Ethan plans to run in the Time to Fly 5K again, and he is looking to raise more money than he did last year.

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