ST. CLOUD -- A meet-and-greet with a Winter X Games gold medalist and a thrilling show put on by a motorcycle stunt team made for a great Sunday afternoon for power sports fans in St. Cloud.

Snocross superstar Levi LaVallee and the SquidWheelies motorcycle team came to Bristow's in St. Cloud to put on a free event for the public.

LaVallee, a resident of Longville, Minnesota, signed autographs and says he enjoys connecting with fans through their love of power sports.

"I'm pumped to be here today," LaVallee says. "We have guys out there doing all that fun stuff on bikes and [I'm] in here signing autographs and meeting all the cool people."

"It's neat to see, people are pumped about power sports and getting everyone together, we all share a passion [for the sport]."

Outside, the windy conditions made stunts difficult, but Dustin Hedsand, Cyle Stoutenburg, and the rest of the SquidWheelies team put on great shows for the crowd.

Stoutenburg says the conditions made performing that much more exciting.

"Out here, seeing what you can do under pressure in front of a crowd ... makes it worth [it]," Stoutenburg says.

Stoutenburg and Hedsand agree that seeing the effect their show has on kids in the crowd is their favorite payoff.

"The look on kids' faces is a huge part of it," Hedsand says. "We're [there], smiling in our helmets and we look into the crowd and see the kids are matching our smiles."

"It's just like feeling like a kid again, it's pretty sweet."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON