ROCKVILLE - Crews are working to repair damage to the Rockville County Park, and the neighboring Eagle Park, following last Friday's storm. Rockville City Administrator Rena Weber says the city owned Eagle Park has even begun to be cleaned up yet.

The storm, which brought high winds and heavy rain, knocked down an estimated 500 trees in the two parks.

Rockville County Park was established in late 2006 and early 2007 through the purchase of three major parcels of property. Rockville County Park contains 284 acres.

The City of Rockville’s Eagle Park lies immediately to the east of the park. Eagle Park is 63 acres in size with large randomly-located corestones strewn throughout the site. Eagle Park contains an active Eagle's nest.

This story has been put together by WJON news intern Kyle Johnson.

Photo by intern Kyle Johnson
Eagle Park got it's name from the large Eagle's nest in one of the trees. As you can see, the tree and the nest is still standing. While a pair of eagles watch over the clean-up efforts. Photo by intern Kyle Johnson