ST. CLOUD - Quit Dieting? Kate Harding thinks so.

As a part of National Love Your Body Day Harding spoke to St. Cloud State University students last (Tuesday) night about accepting your body weight.

Harding explained how obesity statistics were unavailable in 1995, yet doctors still compare present-day numbers to these early dates.  Also, the acceptable weight in relation to the Body Mass Index has decreased, which classifies many Americans as overweight.

Kate challenges the idea that millions of Americans are overweight based simply on their diet or lack of exercise.

Critics tell Harding she is "delusional or lying" to think it's possible to be fat and healthy. To this, Kate says "Check your sources and educate yourself before making any assumptions.”

Harding will speak again on today (Wednesday) about "Blogging as Resistance to Fat Oppression in the U.S." from 12:00-12:50 p.m. in the Atwood Memorial Little Theatre at St. Cloud State University.

This story was written by WJON news intern Steven Wright