ST. CLOUD - If you've driven down Veteran's Drive in St. Cloud over the past few weeks, you've probably noticed some boarded up homes.

There are four duplexes in the 2100 block of Veteran's Drive/8th Street North that have been shut down for a few weeks now.

City Health Director Lisa Schreifels says the city ordered the first property to be boarded up on January 2nd, due to multiple rental violations. The owner then voluntarily boarded-up the other three duplexes on January 24th.

Schreifels says the city has tried to work with the property owner for several years, and has issued several fines.

Since the loss of the rental license, there have been some issues of break-ins and broken windows at the properties.

Schreifels say ultimately the city would like to see the duplexes sold to a new owner. She says with a lot of work, and a little TLC, a new owner could bring the buildings back up to code and then reapply for a new rental license for the properties.

Schreifels says it's a very unusual situation to have four homes all right next to each other be boarded-up at the same time like this.

Boarded Up Homes, photo by's Alex Svejkovsky